Weekend Puzzle: Can You Solve Shakuntala Devi's Famous Matchstick Puzzle?

Indranil Maiti15 August 2020 2:50PM IST
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Rick loves to create puzzles and loves to tease his grandson Morty with those puzzles.

One day Rick emptied a box of matches on the table and divided them into three heaps, Morty stood next to Rick and was wondering what he was doing. Clueless Morty asked Rick what's going on.

Rick looked up with his evil smile on, and said, "Well Morty, we have here three uneven heaps of matchsticks. Of course you know that a match box contains altogether 48 matches. This I don't have to tell you. And I am not going to tell you how many there are in each heap."

Clueless Morty was not sure what is going on so asked, "So what do you want me to do?"

Rick replied, "Can you tell me how many sticks are here in each heap?'' Then he added , "I'll give you only one clue."

If I take off as many matches from the first heap as there are in the second and add them to the second, and then take as many from the second as there are in the third and add them to the third, and lastly if I take as many from the third as there are in the first and add them to the first - then the heaps will all have equal number of matches.

Morty stood there calmly and thought real hard and finally got the answer. Can you guess the answer?

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