Weekend Puzzle: What Is The Maximum Run Can A Single Player Score?

Indranil Maiti25 July 2020 2:48PM IST
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This weekend I have two puzzles for you. Both are little mathematical and need some amount of calculation. But I am sure you will get both of them in few minutes. Let's start with the first one.

#Puzzle 1

What is the maximum run can a single cricket player score in a international cricket match?

Consider below conditions before solving the problem.

  • 1. It is a 50 over match. Each over has 6 balls.
  • 2. Strike rotates after each over.
  • 3. No extra run (like no ball, wide ball, overthrow etc) and batsman can only score runs by hitting 4, 6 or by running between the wickets.
  • 4. Batsman can score maximum 3 runs by running between the wickets.
  • Did you find the right answer? Did you understand the logic? If not then comment below so that I can help you get that. If you are successful now it's time for the the next puzzle.

    #Puzzle 2

    Imagine 100 people are standing in a circle in an order 1 to 100.

    A sword is given to person No. 1. He uses the sword and kills the next person (i.e. No. 2) and then pass the sword to the next alive person (i.e. No. 3).

    All people repeats the same until only one person survives. Which number survives at the last?

    Hope you found this one right too. Did you check the last weekend's puzzle. If not check it here.

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