What Happens When Someone Is Bitten By A Baby Cobra?

Mayukh Bari30 August 2020 2:36PM IST
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Most of the time the animal babies are cute and docile. Even a lion cubs are harmless and lovable. But there are few exceptions in the nature and you better be aware of those.

Baby cobras are one of such exceptions. They can blind, paralyze, and often kill you. Right out of the egg, they get their killer instinct. There are several types of cobras with different types of defence mechanism. But all are capable to send you to the hospital for few days or even the worse.

Baby Spitting Cobra

They are born to blind you or anything else threatening them. Just after the hatching, they can aim to your eyes with precision. Their aim is excellent and the venom has the approximate velocity of water from a water pistol. Though a baby can not spit 8 feet jet like an adult one but they can easily spit about two to four feet.

What happens if you get hit?

If you immediately wash the eye with fresh running water for ten minutes or more, the effects will be minimized. But if you could not wash you eyes the consequences could be fatal.

A spitting cobra's venom is not only 'Neurotoxins' (paralyzing agents), but also 'Cytotoxins' (cell killing agents). It can completely destroy iris and cornea. Erosion and tissue death begin immediately, as nerve agents simultaneously begin to paralyze the rest of the eye. The victim will get headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, dizziness. Once the venom enter the bloodstream, it can disrupt nerves that control breathing and heart rhythms.

You'll probably get part of your vision back in the affected eye if you can get medical help soon enough.

Baby King Cobra

But the good thing is the 'King' can voluntarily control the amount of venom injected. Usually it prefers to reserve enough for later use in hunting. This is why the human death rate from bites hovers around 50%. A threatened baby, however, might inject a full dose. And medical records show that most bites come from these cute baby 'pets'.

What happens if you get a bite?

A King Cobra right out of the egg averages 18 inches and already carries enough venom to kill a healthy grown man. A baby can easily kill a 200 pound person within an hour.

Baby king cobra venom is 'Neurotoxic'. A bite victim often suffers extreme dizziness, blurred vision, panic syndrome, and then a paralysis of the muscles around the lungs. The victim is fully aware as he begins to suffocate, till he dies of oxygen deprivation.

Only a good amount of antivenin can save the victim bitten by a baby king cobra.

And, in the end, we can have one and only one conclusion - you can play with many other baby animals (like 'baby shark') but playing with baby cobras are risky indeed and it could be your last play.