Woman Protesting Against Face-Mask In The Name Of 'Freedom To Breathe Agency'

Mayukh Bari09 August 2020 8:35PM IST
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COVID-19 pandemic already created social and economic massacre worldwide. Health protocols like 'wear face-mask', 'maintain social distance' are imposed in almost every places on earth. But for few people only their selfish freedom is the most important thing right now. These fools are opposing health protocols without even thinking twice.

Lenka Koloma is the person whom you can consider as the queen of the fools. She even started an agency named FTBA (Freedom To Breathe Agency) to protest against wearing face-mask. In a recent video she appeared to threat an employee from Mother's Market in Orange County, California. Koloma told the employee that she could face legal action from the government if she continued to enforce the store's mandatory mask policy.

Clearly Koloma forgot that her self proclaimed agency is itself an illegal one. However, the netizens didn't take this lightly. They started to insult Koloma on every possible ways. They even started a petition demanding her arrest.

There are many such incidents happening daily and mostly the frontline workers are getting affected by these shameless acts. These protestors are not at all concerned about the safety of people around them - they just want to show off their personal freedom. Previously an YouTuber named Chad Kroeger also portrayed such foolish behaviour of people around Huntington beach when he tried to offer free masks.

Looking at this I can only remember a popular quote by famous poet Henry Charles Bukowski:

The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.